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Paper & Paper Boards

Paper & Paper boards are the two widely used materials in packaging segment. They are used in different segments.

Paper is considered as an index of a country’s growth and development by virtue of their versatile utility ranging from lifesaving devices, convenient food packaging, writing and printing to alluring packaging designs. These applications cater to the fast growing FMCG sector of Paper and Paper Board.

TransGraph has a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals which keeps a track on each and every happening across the various sectors which can impact Paper (Kraft paper and Duplex Board) price movements through a unique approach of "Mapping the Market Thought".

We are successfully serving some of the major FMCG players in India adding remarkable value to their procurement efficiencies. We are providing our market intelligence support on Paper and Paper Boards which constitute the detailed coverage on Global and Indian Pulp and Waste paper, Duplex Board and Kraft Paper market dynamics.


Bi-Weekly Paper and Paper boards Market Intelligence
Quarterly Paper & Paper board Special Report

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“ I am writing to extend my thanks for the research and price forecasting services provided to us on a daily basis by Transgraph. The reports and information whether they are emailed to us daily or sourced via your website portal, are a consistent and reliable source of quality information. Our industry is one where information and its dissemination can help in differentiating between suppliers."

- Scott Yarwood, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, ADM Trading (UK) Ltd.

“ This is to state our appreciation for Transgraph for continuously delivering on its mandate to provide updated and insightful consulting services in the area of commodities and ingredients. I would also like to thank your team that is always in touch with buyers and feeds in relevant information that has been many times useful in decision making. In nutshell, the engagement with Transgraph has been enriching."

- V. Sridhar, Sector Manager, Commodities & Ingredients, Cadbury India Ltd.

“ By helping simulate the risk scenarios beforehand, TransRisk has added immense value to our trading decision making process at the operating level. The scenarios are comprehensive because one is able to view the basis and rollover risks associated with the hedged positions too. TransRisk also serves as good Dashboard for the top management, as it gives exposures, P&L, associated risk, limits all at one place.”

- S Sivakumar, CEO, Agri Business, ITC Limited

“ At risk framework and imputed risk model of TransRisk are definitely forward looking and will enable us to move away from ‘post mortem’ approach. We can take a business decision of pricing our contracts or purchasing in advance after factoring in a quantifiable and acceptable risk instead of trying to find reasons for the breach of limits."
"A flexible and scalable business intelligence that gives exposures, P&L, associated risk, limits all at one place and this decision support system can be integrated with our existing ERP and will avoid duplication of data entry.”

- Jude Magima, ED – Sourcing and Supply Chain, Dabur India Limited

“ Transgraph has showcased that ‘Risk Management’ is an excellent tool which will help any sourcing organization to deliver in any and even during challenging business scenario. They have succeeded in creating a deeper, specific and relevant input to the automotive sector. Highly recommended, the course was extremely detailed but the faculty made it so easy to understand - Top marks.”

- S.R. Rajan, Vice President-Commercial, TVS Srichakra Limited.


Features Bi-Weekly Market Intelligence Bi-Monthly Longterm outlook
Coverage Kraft Paper & Duplex Paper Board Kraft Paper & Duplex Paper Board : Indian & Global Markets
Fundamental summary Critical fundamental Factors; Fundamental outlook Index Supply & Demand Forecasts; Inventory; Sentiment index; Currency impact; Recent developments
Technical summary NA NA
Price Direction Kraft Paper: Northern, Western & Central region mills of India Duplex Paper Boards: Indian Western Region , International (OCC & ONP), Imported Kraft Paper: Northern, Western & Central region mills of India Duplex Paper Boards: Indian Western Region, International (OCC & ONP), Imported
Price range forecast 1month, 2-3 months, > 4 months 6 months
Strategy review Review of previous strategy Not Applicable (NA)
Latest Strategy Kraft Paper: Northern, Western & Central region mills of India Duplex Paper Boards: Indian Western Region, International (OCC & ONP), Imported: Generic procurement strategy NA
Performance Audit NA NA
Fundamental analysis Short-term economic update, Raw material market dynamics, supply demand of paper and paper boards, Import/exports and inventories data, Cost Analysis. Medium-term economic update, Supply/ demand dynamics, Raw material market dynamics, policy changes towards import and export of paper and raw materials, Review of price trend and medium term price drivers for next 3 months.
Technical outlook NA NA
Risk Parameters Volatility & VaR trends NA
Calendar Key Economic & Fundamental Data NA
Mini Charts NA NA
Facts & Figures Most important market data NA


Period Procurement Savings %
2012 YTD 2009-12 YTD
Bi Weekly Paper and Paper Boards Market Intelligence 0.94% 3.54%
YTD: Year Till Date
Strike Rate %: Daily: Percentage of number of strategies made profit. Weekly: Percentage of number of months bettered the market average
NP/GP %: {(Gross Profit - Gross Loss) / (Gross Profit)}X100
Procurement Savings %: {(Market average - TransGraph purchase price) / (Market average)}X100

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